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April 24, 2017 7:31pm CST
if they're busy being concerned about what a person is doing and where they;re going then that's a good thing. The person or persons must be very important otherwise why would so many people waste their time trying to get next to a person? Well, all their efforts suggest that the person is heading in some sort of direction, haters don't hate unless there's "reasons" to. There's some who hate and we may not know exactly why at first but there's always a reason. If a person wants to get ahead then the person should and no amount of heckling should detour the process. Let the folks hate. That's right! They're wasting precious time. The time they're using to hate on others could be used to be creative, to discover, or to come up with some nifty ideas. For some reason they rather choose attacking others. Can't "be happy" campers. A bit sarcastic may rub some the wrong way. That's exactly what their hating does. Like a child rolling their eyes in the back of their head. There nothing they can do about the "gifts" in which God has even each person. Some may decide not to put their gifts to use. In stead they'll just try to suck the life out of others. Take the time to just smile and keep going. Eventually they'll move on to something else. "That's Right! "Keep on Moving Along no Matter What They Have to say." BY: Tanikka Paulk
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@dragon68 (774)
6 May 17
Very insightful discussion.