April 25, 2017 3:39am CST
I can take alcohol or leave it, and generally I don't bother. I'm not opposed to anyone using it but I prefer it if they do so with consideration for themselves and others. There are a few in my family who make complete fools of themselves because of their intemperate drinking; they think they're having fun but then admit later that there was no fun being enjoyed and that they will never drink again - till next time. I don't think prohibiting alcohol is either acceptable or practical - people need to make their own minds up, however once the alcohol goes in the common sense seems to fly out and the decision process becomes ineffective. So society will hobble on as it always has, but I don't intend becoming one of the broken many along the way. Cheers.
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• New Delhi, India
25 Apr 17
I'm and will always be a non drinker
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@TRBRocks420 (85763)
• Banks, Oregon
25 Apr 17
I quit drinking awhile ago, except once in a blue moon.