@beenice2 (2397)
April 25, 2017 3:58pm CST
What do you mean, bored. Well I did the dishes, studied 3 classes, did my exercises and made lunch. But I am bored. Oh! Well I think that you have to keep busy with something. You don't want to feel like you accomplished nothing. Yes, nowadays. The society make you feel that you either have to be entertained, have your nose almost 8 hours a per day on your smartphone. So lets take the time to refresh without those distractions. I don't have those phones. I don't miss it.
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@Farcha (686)
8 Aug 17
I think boredom is relative. Honestly, sometimes I am just surfing, time passes very quickly. I don't feel bored. So, time is money, I feel sometimes time is short even if I stay late and I get asleep late.
@paigea (22484)
• Canada
22 May 17
I don't know how to be bored I don't think. I always have something to do. My phone is quite useful for my work so I wouldn't be without it. I don't use it for entertainment.
@Morleyhunt (21020)
• Canada
30 Apr 17
I have a smart phone...I use my smartphone, but I'm not glued to it.