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November 26, 2006 2:42pm CST
PAIN, CRUELTY IN A SHELTER IN TURKEY (OIPA Alert) The slide show you are going to watch was recorded on Sept 15, 2006, at Sariyer Kocatas shelter . The Sariyer Shelter is run by AIG, a sub-contractor of Biosav that was given the job of neuter and release in Istanbul by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as a result of a legal tender. The June 2004 law stipulating that neuter and release is the only permitted method of solving the stray dog issue was put into effect since July. The boroughs are obliged to handle the problem and to have a good pound where the neutered dogs can recover. The animals have to be registered and returned to their original surroundings. Because the municipalities cannot organize all this by themselves, they have called for tenders. For a part of Istanbul the work was contracted out to a pesticide company. The situation is abominable. A lot of dogs die and sick dogs are just turned back on the streets. Cases are known of a mother dog that was captured to be sterilized when she was already giving birth. A dog with a hernia was sterilized and returned to the streets, the same was done to a dog with a broken hipbone. Also, there are no records of where the dogs were picked up, so they are just put on the streets anywhere; this causes a lot of fights. Send the letter please:
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26 Nov 06
It seems there is no place that has a monopoly on thoughtless cruelty.
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27 Nov 06
It is sad. But this is only a crumb of the cookie :-(