Will you stop drinking Alcohol now?

@shivamani10 (11228)
Hyderabad, India
April 29, 2017 12:35am CST
Alcohol consumption is increasing day by day In olden days it was preferred by only Elite Class. The middle and lower middle classes were totally afraid of taking Alcohol in the presence or in the company of the Elite class. Thus the elite class kept a boundary to enter in and prevented them from consuming alcohol. The line of demarcation started slowly decreasing and reached a state where the mixing of the two became inevitable. Till the 90s there were people who were drinking after selecting a suitable company at a suitable place as they need privacy. But, the change subsequently where nobody has got any identity of their own and both two classes sit together enjoy drinking Alcohol. Though the drink has removed the social barriers and other obstacles that come in its way, it equally invited various diseases in the society affecting the very health of the people. Drinking alcohol will damage the salivary glands causing irritation in the mouth and tongue. Affects the Oesophagus and the food pipes causing trouble even to take food. This causes even ulcers in the stomach and inflammation in the lining. the excess consumption damages even the colon and wrecks the digestive track. The consumption of Alcohol affects the Central Nervous system resulting in blurred vision, faltering steps, The alcohol is absorbed into the blood quickly alters the coordination of the body with other parts of the CNS. In due course of time, the addicts also suffer from Cirrhosis of Liver and Paralysis.Long term drinking may close down the frontal lobes of the brain even leading to a total change in the personality.
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