The protest in U.S is a planned conspiracy against Mr. Trump

@shivamani10 (11148)
Hyderabad, India
April 29, 2017 10:38pm CST
There is a wide protest against Mr. Trump for his attitude towards Climate Change as reported by the BBC News Agency. Thousands of Americans both old, and children are marching towards Whitehouse protesting against Mr. Trump's decision to rollback from the policy of Mr. Obama on climate change. why? is the protest only for rolling back from the Obama's policy on climate change? Why can't Mr. Trump lay down his own policy as the President of U.S? Is it the prerogative of Mr. Obama to lay down such a policy which could draft an eye-wash Agenda in the Paris Conference? Why are the protesters marching making noise carrying and beating the drum in public places causing a headache to the other civilians? Did Mr. Obama and Mrs. Hillary urge the people to go on to the streets making a big noise causing Noise Pollution in the streets of U.S? The thirst for power and the hope of getting into power by any means is not faded out even after 100 days by the opposition. What knowledge the U.S people who never talked about and studied the Climate Change have got to make a protest on the Climate change? Seas are raising and so are they? Totally meaningless. Let Mr. Trump come out with a constructive plan on Climate Change. Let they hear him and if they can urge for modifications. Mr. Obama is not a Messiah for U.S citizen. There are many who can give good administration than he. Why can't the protests drop down their plastic covers, caps, flags, jackets, eyeglasses, boards, water bottles etc., as may be seen from the picture first? Should Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton tell them?
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