Back takes you to a CACHED page. To fix this, RELOAD the page.

Dallas, Texas
April 30, 2017 11:05pm CST
I know it is a bit funny to think about but it is just the way some browsers work. When you navigate a page BACKWARDS, the browser will actually provide you with a CACHED or SAVED version, which may or my not be updated at the server. If you have ever been online and lost your internet connection due to a wireless router disconnect, your browser might still let you go back to a page that has been cached. But if you try to reload that page when your router is disconnected at the time, you will get a page load error message. Likewise, if you are online and connectivity is good or excellent, then you can use your browser to back space once or even more times. For me I sometimes will backspace on a Google search page to find a search result I had from several pages back. Each time I go back or forward in my browser I am only seeing cached versions of a page, not always but sometimes and for this reason I get confused when I post a LIKE or COMMENT Thank goodness there is a Reload or Refresh option in a browser that will load the most current version NEWEST VERSION of a page in real time. sounds a bit confusing at first but as you become more experienced with your browser you will find it easier to navigate forward instead of pressing the BACK arrow key. Going forward in your browser will always give you a new and updated page to look at. Read more from the link below from stackoverflow :
I have webpage A. The user clicks on a form to submit data, and it takes him to webpage B. When he clicks the back button, I need webpage A to be refreshed from the server, rather that loaded from ...
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@BarBaraPrz (19799)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
6 May 17
So that's why I don't always go to the page I want when I hit back... Thanks.
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• Dallas, Texas
6 May 17
I am glad to be of help.
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