Not Praising People but Giving Praise to God/Lord

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May 4, 2017 11:49pm CST
Mankind can be cruel and hate but even when the hate arrives there is goodness. There's light when there's darkness. Of course there is. God created the day and the night. All of His Creations can be seen all over the world. The cruelness comes remember that God is going to make His presence known. Do not be dismayed by what others will do and say. There is glory! That's right! When the attacks arise just be glad because when there's lots of trouble. The Man Above is preparing the "Blessings." No person was more evil but when entering the world the sin came. So with sin there will be envy, hate., greed etc. Some will try to alter "perceptions" in order to be in control. Not every person on earth will display kindness. Some are cruel because they're unhappy. Not being satisfied for some reason and their line of thinking involves making sure others are miserable. Through all of the attacks there should still be some praising going on. There should be a time where thanking God is all that's being done. Certainly are in troubling times. There will be a lot of chaos but through all of the troubles there is "joyfulness" because God and Jesus Christ will never forsake. There's still hope even when it's pitch dark all around. Just allow the light to come in. "Light Shines Through When the Darkness Wants to Remove the Light." By: Tanikka Paulk
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• Japan
9 Aug 17
This is absolutely true. Not sure why a discussion from May popped up but it's a good one.
@JediYoda (1700)
• Samoa
5 May 17
Good discussion. Thanks.