there is a problem wit DUCO paint

@shivamani10 (11233)
Hyderabad, India
May 5, 2017 6:48am CST
I got a problem while applying DUCO paint to the shelves. The Duco paint was purchased especially for painting the shelves. This is a very costly paint. I preserved it only for this purpose without using them for any other articles. I opened the Tin and poured some into a plastic cup. Again sealed the can. I was very eager to apply this paint. Somebody has told me that it can be applied using hand brush. So I wanted to see how the finish The shopkeeper advised me to mix Turpentine as I was painting with a brush. So I bought that bottle also. Now, I mixed the turpentine and now started mixing it to make the paint thin. But it was not becoming thin. Moreover, it started clotting. I immediately stopped it. The shopkeeper was consulted if one can paint using a brush. He said yes and gave me a number for contacting. When I contacted the person who does this painting job he told me not to use Turpentine but only Thinner to dilute the paint.He also confirmed that it is not possible to paint with a brush as it will become dry very quickly. and suggested going for Enamel paint. This is a little bit of disappointment for me. Of course, I do not take such things to heart. I will contact another guy and get the work done.
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@Athinker (1511)
5 May 17
The best thing is that you have done your work.everything will fine when end is fine