Is it right for parents to demand support from children in exchange of raising them?

Pasay, Philippines
May 8, 2017 11:45pm CST
This was asked in one of the prestigious beauty pageant here in the Philippines which is Binibining Pilipinas 2017 but unfortunately the contestant wasn't able to answer due to being nervous which is at times it is still understandable especially if your mind is not that ready. I don't want to judge that contestant I want to understand how she feels. Although if you were given a chance to be asked if Is it right for parents to demand support from children in exchange of raising them? What do you think you are going to answer? In my case this will be my answer. I strongly believe that it is NOT right for parents to demand support from their children in exchange of raising them because accept it or not it is not children's obligation to give back and it is the responsibility of the parents to raise their children because their existence is their decision. However I believe the parents can still have the right to ask for the help and as part of gratitude children should also initiate to help the parents needs.
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@Shavkat (65270)
• Philippines
9 May 17
I think it is not an obligation for the child to repay the parents. It wasn't in the culture context itself. On the other hand, the child can bring back the parents' sacrifices by taking good care of them if they grow older.
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• New Delhi, India
9 May 17
Demanding is real bad. But one thing also that the kids should be human enough to take care of their parents
@dragon68 (774)
9 May 17
No. It's the parents moral and legal responsibility to raise children. Parents are rasing their chidren out of love not because their waiting for something in do return.
@responsiveme (16816)
• India
9 May 17
As you say not Demand but I guess there is always the expectation that the kids will be around to provide support .. maybe not money but definitely emotional