Quit Smoking

@suripunj (966)
New Delhi, India
May 9, 2017 4:44pm CST
it is over 4 days I did not lit even a single cigarette and this gives me sense that how easy it is to get rid of old bad habit. Those who are smokers and really want to quit here are my few mantras: 1.Change the brand and change it every time you smoke. 2.Announce one day you have quit Announce your resolution to every one. 3.count every hour and day since you quit and take it as score earned by your determination. Greater the score farther you move away from smoking. 4.Reward yourself with some extra peg of wine instead. Let me know if it works for you.
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@Kandae11 (40370)
9 May 17
I have never smoked, but from what I have observed around me I can see that it is a very hard thing to quit. However, I am sure your tips on quitting will be helpful to those who are trying to do so.
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@suripunj (966)
• New Delhi, India
10 May 17
Thanks.This is hard earned experience for any smoker which only non smokers have appreciated so far.
@mandala100 (50558)
• Hong Kong
12 May 17
I quitted smoking 20 years ago. It feels great!
@responsiveme (16816)
• India
11 May 17
Good for you