The only time I ever wore false nails

@Jackalyn (6859)
Oxford, England
May 12, 2017 4:32am CST
I was at some church do where they had a beauty table. My preference is to wear very little make up, but of course the girls wanted to show me what they could do. False eyelashes lasted about a minute but the false nails stayed on for a bit. Then disaster struck. I went to the freezer shop on the way home and most of them fell off into the freezer. It was impossible to retrieve them all..
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@JudyEv (134917)
• Bunbury, Australia
12 May 17
Sorry but I had to laugh. I was thinking about what would happen if they found fingers in the freezer rather than just finger-nails.
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@LadyDuck (176579)
• Switzerland
12 May 17
Oh my goodness I can imagine those who found the nails in the freezer.
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• London, England
12 May 17
Doesn't sound like the most fun experience of wearing false nails Hun.... 1st time too! Were they acrylic? Or stick on?
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@Nawsheen (22958)
• Mauritius
12 May 17
I remember having tried to wear false nails when i was at school. I dont really like to wear them. The false nails which you couldnt retrieve would be frozen by now and i am wondering what people would say
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@Fleura (7197)
• United Kingdom
12 May 17
Oh dear the next few shoppers had a nasty surprise! I have never worked out how anyone can wear false fingernails and live a normal life - I mean how do they do the gardening or fix the car?
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@marlina (77995)
• Canada
26 Jun 17
Sounds awful. I never wore anything false like this.
@responsiveme (16816)
• India
13 May 17
Are they still in there...Frozen for all time. I'll keep seeing those nails every time I shop for fish fingers