Donald Trump

United States
May 20, 2017 1:56am CST
Can you believe what is going on? I, sometimes, have had to turn off the TV because I can not stand listening anymore. Myself, I think he is a pathological liar but believes his own lies. He does not even accept that he lies. He needs to develop a healthy sense of humor about himself. he needs to learn to laugh at himself. But it may be too late for his presidency. Research is being done on impeachment. I know that he has done some good things. It is not all bad but his bad is outweighing the good and he is probably even going to have to be removed from office.
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• United States
31 May 17
I also have to turn off my TV on a fairly regular basis. Although Trump definitely is not ideal, the news media is even worse. They make a difficult situation even worse with all their bias and negativity and Trump bashing.
@marlina (80439)
• Canada
23 May 17
I don't watch a lot of news anymore, too depressing.
@magnumopus (1664)
• Singapore
21 May 17
Mr. Trump is always the content of his own fake news.
• Austin, Texas
20 May 17
Impeachment? Oh I'm sorry. That's not supposed to be funny, is it? Trump impeached? Right. They're also going to put casinos in Vatican City. Oh yeah! It's in all the Vatican Fake News reports.
@FourWalls (16203)
• United States
20 May 17
I haven't watched the news in years. They are all jerks, and the media praises one side and damns the other. Yelling about Trump telling the Ruskies classified informant, but saying NOTHING about Obama commuting the sentence of the soldier who gave classified information to WikiLeaks? They are ALL bad, and as long as people in this country think only one party and not the other is guilty we'all continue to get slobs like Anthony Weiner and Donald Trump.
@25life (194)
20 May 17
The end is near.... literally.
@TRBRocks420 (85607)
• Banks, Oregon
20 May 17
I hear you. I can barley stand too watch the news, because of it, can't believe 3 and, a half more years of this to go.
@YrNemo (14740)
20 May 17
I am really curious about Donald Trump. They disliked him, but he got voted and won the election, so that must be something. Where next? The whole world is still watching.