is any one involed with a cell phone MLM

Kingston, New York
May 21, 2017 7:32am CST
we knew the cost of cell phone, mobile phone all ways going up I was thinking how can I get on the other side were I am making money from other people cell phone bills. So since network marketing is one of the answers I just need to find a company that is doing it. if there is any company that doing it .Has any herd of any business oprunity that some one can make with mobile,cell phones ? if there is one out there even if some one else say it a scam I do check every thing my self to beefore I spend money oK that it,
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@dragon68 (779)
21 May 17
Never heared of MLM before.
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• Kingston, New York
29 May 17
MLM. is old school for mutole.level marketing To we say network marketing
• Kingston, New York
29 May 17
@eagletrek2 sorry auto correct keep Spelling my word wrong