Is attitude Everything?

@delacy (14)
United States
November 26, 2006 6:19pm CST
Do you believe in fate? I believe in fate and timing is everything. Attitude can be everything as well as timing. A person could be in the right place at the right time but if their attitude is not balanced or positive the person can miss out on an opportunity that might change their life for the better. I never want to miss the chance to be one of the lucky ones due to my attitude but, I am sure I have made this mistake in different areas of my life. If you believe in fate and timing I hope you have the right attitude because I am going to share an opportunity that can change your life in a fabulous way. This is no scam, no illegal pyramid scheme,costs you nothing now or ever and requires just a little time and of course the right attitude. Once you see this program I am certain your attitude will only improve. It is only great when it is shared with other people, and we all can win with this one! Here is the link- let me know what you think after you see how this program works.
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