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@shivamani10 (11170)
Hyderabad, India
May 23, 2017 9:54am CST
Today happened to be a very busy day. I liked it. It is the way i want to be every day. But, at the same time, I do not want to keep my work pending. This is the day which I really enjoyed most. Full work. Roaming on some work or the other Contacting people and contacting the bank for housing loan (for another construction). Referring their email and sending replies. Income Tax inquiry. Shopping for a good spray paint that makes my work easier and saves time a lot. Everything was very nice and I was kept with the busy schedule. In the shop, I could get two types of Spray paints that come I Cans. Both are from COSMO brand. I purchased two one in white color and the other in Silver. They cost me about Rs.350/-. I bought them and used one for my pot. Yesterday I worked on that. It was a small bucket which I kept for planting the money plant. It is really growing nicely, So I wanted to pay more attention to it than any other plants. I applied the spray very carefully and the work was over within ten minutes. I felt very happy over that. Otherwise, I had to use the DUCO paint which is very difficult to apply and even costly one also. I do not want to spare that paint for pots etc., Anyhow the work done is very excellent and it is to my best satisfaction.
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@JediYoda (1702)
• Samoa
24 May 17
It's good that your too absorbed with your job!