Concert Bombing

May 23, 2017 9:54am CST
I am sure by now everyone has heard of the recent bombing at a concert, where many were killed and injured. Already there have been claims of responsibility by named terrorist groups. Is this behavior something that gives them power or do most people look at these groups as bullies with no real agenda? How are we supposed to reason with people like this? I have no idea what they are trying to accomplish. When I see things like this it doesn't make me think that these groups are powerful. I see them as cowards that are too lazy to do the work it takes to accomplish great things for their people. If they spent as much time building up their people and their countries as they do planning attacks, they would probably be very successful. What are your thoughts?
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@dhoyalahoy (1417)
• Philippines
24 May 17
A blessed day How are you?
23 May 17
It's awful and my heart goes out to all involved. The aim is fear and control. Honestly, I think the best thing to do is band together and make sure blame does not fall onto the innocent, because terrorists no matter where are a small group. When the Boston marathon bombing happened, it was reported that someone said "we are not afraid, we are not terrorized, what we are, is wicked pissed." While I'm sure said in the attempt of humor, I agree with the message behind it.
@JediYoda (1700)
• Samoa
23 May 17
Terrorism must not be allowed to rear its ugly head everywhere. Extreme caution and precaution must always be put into place as well as extreme security measures to reduce the probability of any terroristic act in the future.
@WriterAI (5356)
• Bulgaria
23 May 17
Their aim is war in Europe, probably also all over the world. I have just posted a discussion on the same topic: "Prayers On Victims in Manchester, England".
• India
23 May 17
These type of attacks are really insane and only heartless people can do it.