Good night, myLotters ! 5-27-17

Photo taken by me 5-27-17
@xstitcher (12205)
Petaluma, California
May 28, 2017 1:06am CST
Once again, I've managed to be up too late (for me, any who-- it's 11:01 by my computer clock as I type this). I sent a note to the lady who I am making the bookmarks for to let her know I'm still here and still working. Tomorrow is Sonday -- I don't think that we have anyone coming over, so it will just be Mom, Angel and I. I managed to get a few posts on here despite all of the nuttiness. Right now, I need to head to bed. Have a super awesome night/morning/afternoon/etc. in your part of myLot land !
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@JohnRoberts (61182)
• Los Angeles, California
28 May 17
Good night and up at 'em tomorrow.
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@sputnik8 (693)
28 May 17
Good night to you. See you tommorow.
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