The Maze (Part 2)

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May 28, 2017 8:57pm CST
Jennifer Gardner was a secretary at Guardian Inc. She was 22 and had plans to advance into the executive branch. Jennifer was very attractive and outgoing. Everyone at the company liked Jennifer. At the end of a busy day, Jennifer walked into the parking garage to go home. A tall figure carefully approached Jennifer from behind. He took a rag and placed it over Jennifer's mouth. Instantly, Jennifer was knocked out. The tall man picked up Jennifer and placed her into his maroon van. A half hour later, Jennifer was placed into a dungeon. She was victim number 2. Scott Brent was a drummer in the Funky Spunky band. He had long brown hair and a tattoo on his back of a whale. Scott was 34. He was single and lived in an apartment. It was early evening, and Scott was going to his car to perform at a very big gig. As he bent down to enter his car, a man zapped Scott in the back and in the shoulders. Scott slumped to the ground. The man then poked Scott with a syringe. Victim number 3 was put in the van and taken to his own space in the dungeon. Cheryl Andrews was a dental hygienist. She was 47 years old. She had one daughter who was in her second year of college. Cheryl was snatched from her home at midnight by the same man. He had picked the lock to Cheryl's home, and quietly struck Cheryl as she was just waking from hearing a sound in the house. The man also used a syringe to knock out Cheryl. Victim number 4 was soon placed in another area of the dungeon. Jack Pratter and Jill Pratter were husband and wife. They were engineers for Lyband Pharmaceuticals. They had been married for twenty years. Jack was 52 and Jill was 48. They had no children and lived in a colonial in an affluent neighborhood. The man who had abducted the other four took the Pratters by surprise with a release of knock out gas dispersed in their home. The man had a partner named Jeffries who helped placed the Pratters into the van. Once again, the final two victims were placed into a dungeon. Unlike the others, the Pratters were not separated. The man behind all these abductions would reveal himself tomorrow. There was so much to say. He planned to entertain his guests before they entered the Cruxious Maze. Part 3 will tell you much more about this. Stay tuned.
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