Trick me or Perhaps Thee

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@Teep11 (7121)
United States
May 30, 2017 5:57pm CST
There's a lot of trickery and for some simply game playing but there are a lot of "serious findings" and there should be no playing around. When handling business matters there should be full attention on the matters and all of the tricks played should not be involved in business or family matters. There is a time to have some fun of course. Unfortunately there's trickery in all sorts of areas and so many are aware that there are many tricks played in what we call politics. Even family business can involve some form of politics. So the best way to conduct such affairs is to be serious and focus on "solving" the matters which need attention. There should be any tricks involved when trying to handle matters such as insurance and handling of property. The individuals involved should avoid trying to deceive and handle what needs to be handled. Of course when dealing with relatives there may be some form of disconnection due to not being in "agreement." That's why some choose to handle business and family matters privately. Some only involving certain members or children in which can be entrusted to handle any matters which are left unsolved. There is a time for play but there should never be any tricks played in the first place but of course some may not understand . Could Some be Trying to Trick me=Tanikka Paulk? Oh yes Some Have and I'm not the Only one." By: Tanikka Paulk
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@magnumopus (1674)
• Singapore
30 May 17
Good discussion on being cautious with one's affair: family, buisness or otherwise.
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• United States
31 May 17
A good take on the age old question of whom to trust with what . . .