Define life: Let's discuss it

June 2, 2017 2:08am CST
Life means different to different people and hence definition of life differs. For some, life is a bed of roses and for others it does not seem so. For some, it is a game and thus they want to win it. For some, life seems easy and for others, it is a struggle. For some of us life is beautiful and for others it is a box full of chocolates. For me, life is a journey. Journey begins with our birth and ends when we breath our last. It is full of experiences, some of them are good, some of them not so good. We get to experience hurdles, we enjoy rides, we encounter so many fellow passengers on our journey. It is an awesome experience. What does life mean to you?
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• Bucharest, Romania
2 Jun 17
I don't know how to define life from a philosophical point of view. I think your definition of it as a journey is good enough for me too. Other than that, don't think I can say much about it.
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2 Jun 17
Thanks, life is a journey and our job is to just flow with the flow.
@avi256 (4492)
• Pune, India
2 Jun 17
Life is a continuous struggle to feel happy and be successful.
@PBKING (1539)
• India
2 Jun 17
Life should not be discussed, it's to live as we want. We get life only once so enjoy every moments of life with fun and happiness.