What made you smile today?

June 5, 2017 11:11am CST
Share some story that made your day brighter and made you smile. I smiled when I got home from work and saw by babies wearing their precious smile. Their really my stress reliver.
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• Jacksonville, Florida
5 Jun 17
My son made me smile this morning by getting all of his chores done without me having to say a word!
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@marlina (76579)
• Canada
11 Jun 17
That's a very good reason to smile @LovingMyBabies
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@BabyRai1 (907)
• Nairobi, Kenya
5 Jun 17
That I made someone happy today
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@luispas (1719)
• Venezuela
5 Jun 17
Oh, what a nice reason for smile. Well, today one cousin came and brought her baby, Sebastian, and he's so adorable, I was playing with him and I laughed so much, he made me smile :)
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@annierose (18023)
• Philippines
25 Dec
Babies never fail to brighten our day. They are such a cutie. We are expecting a baby from my youngest sister. She got a miscarriage on her first pregnancy. At this time, she and her husband is being very careful so to avoid the miscarriage to happen again.
@Hannihar (39939)
25 Dec
I am glad they are your stress relievers. A friend was telling me about the birth of her cat's kittens and that made me smile and the names she gave them also made me smile.
@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
13 Jun 17
Such a great reason to smile! For me today, as I read your post, I just finished watching the game between Golden State Warriors & the Cavaliers. And the Warriors being the champion...really makes me smile!
@vsai2008 (9272)
• India
12 Jun 17
I joined Mylot today and it made me smile :)
• Philippines
10 Jun 17
Kids are really a great stress reliever. What made me still today is also because of a kid. I played with a one-year old boy today. He was my niece. I really had a great time playing with him. It was such a great joy to play with kids.
@Courtlynn (57454)
• United States
5 Jun 17
My grandmother stopped by today.
• United States
5 Jun 17
Two rabbits laying in the road when I was walking.