Plus You Know Their Sound

Redlands, California
June 7, 2017 9:32am CST
I think the scene is dead as far as big players.It is the youth. Music cannot be old these days. You know the sound and no matter what you gonna be mad, Evolve.and to pop, to slow, not punk. Getting irritated because they cannot see they system is clearly failing music also. Oh, you can blame it on laziness and musicians just like to get drunk but not when they have three bands. Not when they tour 300 years a day. Not when they have to put a new album out every three years, No excuses, my favorite line. Well stop, making everything about money, if you are, then do it right, Hurting your own cause of greed. Music lack of talent is easy to see. People did not care about all that money. When they were told to, it declined like a mofo, just like healthcare, college, housing, food, water, prisons. Tell me I am wrong.
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@Kandae11 (40280)
7 Jun 17
To be honest, I prefer the music of years gone by. Starting way back from the days of Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, Beatles, BeachBoys, Michael Jackson, and other current groups and singers.
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• Redlands, California
7 Jun 17
To be honest did you ever question why we are not seeing that anymore? It is driving me up the wall, I call it capitalism. It is sick because the sickos took over and no one can stop it. I do hope I am once again losing my mind and that at least the world is safe. Sorry miss lady love you, but i need some outside perspective. Or different perspective
@teamfreak16 (42920)
• Denver, Colorado
7 Jun 17
Bands like Good Charlotte ruined it, as far as I'm concerned. The kids listened to that, declared themselves punk, and missed out on the real thing.