Are you guilty of having crockadile tears?

Dallas, Texas
June 7, 2017 5:11pm CST
Sometimes the term comes up, Crockadile Tears. This is a metaphor for being insincere about feeling sympathy or remorse about doing a bad thing to hurt somebody else. The idea is the alligator or crock a dile is a reptile and it is suggested by scientists who are experts on different behaviors of other animals is that the lizard brain doesn't have any empathy, or emotional feelings of guilt when they take a bite out of you, so, the way I think, if a person just pretends to cry or act like they care about another person's suffering they are said to be crying FAKE TEARS of sadness. They don't care or give a flying fig and this reminds me of a biology lesson where I read from a book that there is a part of the brain in every human that is called the reptilian brain as if to say somewhere deep in the past of human evolution we had a reptile as an ancestor or great great grand-parent? That is so off the wall. I don't think we have come from lizards, but they do go on to say that we have evolved from rat like beings that were very small and lived at the same time as the great dinosaurs, which acted a lot like lizard but were in fact, in most cases, not reptiles but vegetable eating mammals. Give me a break, Rat people may have lived at one time on earth but I ain't gonna say you or me have rat genes or for that matter, reptile brains either. It's all a lot of FAKE SCIENCE if you ask me. like so much FAKE News. LOL
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@sol_cee (18442)
• Japan
8 Jun 17
Reptilian brain. Makes sense. What with all the terror happening nowadays.
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@TheSojourner (17291)
• United States
8 Jun 17
No crocodile tears from me. I cry enough, don't need any from a croc. LOL