Had a meeting about my brother

@sissy15 (5847)
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June 10, 2017 2:03am CST
Today we had a family meeting for my brother where all of my siblings came as well as two of my cousins who are close to him and my aunt who practically helped raise my brother when he was a kid, she often babysat for all of us at some point. I learned there was more going on than I originally realized and I also learned it's been going on for longer than we probably realized. We all compared stories. I know that my step nephew's death really messed with my brother but I guess some of his symptoms started right after the funeral last year, well they could have started before that but we have no way of knowing. I think that was at the very least where it really started spinning out of control. It's looking like we're going to have to talk to my brother's ex wife but the issue with that is she isn't always the most honest. She had to have seen this happening for awhile and didn't say anything to anyone. She never once asked us for help or bothered to tell us anything. I get privacy and everything but when you see someone taking a spiral I think their privacy should go out the window. When someone in my close family started noticing stuff was probably shortly after the funeral when I guess my brother claims he overheard my step-nephew's grandpa from his dad's side say that someone was at fault for this and had to pay and my brother took it as a death threat and was afraid someone was going to kill him. I guess he also called my older niece at some point to tell her he loves her and that she needed to not be alone because someone was after our family. He just kind of showed us all at random how messed up he was but we all figured he was drinking and he was refusing help at that point and there was nothing we could really do until he was ready. We have urged him to get help for it before but then he'd isolate himself and stop talking to everyone. I guess after he stole my mom's car he informed he told my brother in law that God told him to do it. He has been talking to the voices quite a bit too and was talking to them before he attacked someone at the hospital. His eyes usually turn black when he's having these moments, it's usually right before he strikes out. He has yet to attack any of us, usually, just strangers he thinks are after him. The doctors currently just diagnosed him with psychosis because they said this can fit a number of mental illnesses because various mental illnesses look very similar until they can narrow it down. It's scary seeing him like this. I know the day he was here before he stole my mom's car he kept walking up and giving us all hugs and telling us he loves us and then he kissed me on the cheek. I mean he was acting like it'd be the last time he would get to tell us. I think he, is genuinely terrified someone is not only after him but all of us as well. I think he has been heading this way for awhile but my step nephew's death was like the final nail. As much as my mom hates the idea we are going to have to talk to his ex-wife and figure out what all went down and just hope she tells us the truth. We know my brother isn't a saint but we also know she wasn't either. We think my brother feels guilty for my step nephew's death and that's part of it. I also think that my ex SIL might blame him too, even though she was never the kind of parent to discipline her children. I am pretty sure he was on drugs before he died. There was a crack pipe in the box of stuff my brother had that was my step nephew's stuff and my brother was tested for it and was clean so it was more than likely my step nephew's. I was informed that a couple of my siblings are going to sign a paper for the court to have my brother admitted into a psychiatric hospital instead of jail. We'll see how it all goes. I hate that this is what it comes down to but my brother needs some serious help.
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@Srbageldog (8233)
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10 Jun 17
I'm sorry your family is going through this. I hope he gets the help he needs and a proper diagnosis. Good luck talking to his ex wife. Hopefully she'll be cooperative. That's pretty crappy that your step-nephew's grandpa said someone's to blame and your brother felt it was aimed at him. No one is to blame for what happened with your step-nephew. He killed himself. Nobody made him do it. When it comes down to it, you can only help other people so much, but they are responsible for their own actions. And sometimes that can mean tragic decisions when they are battling mental illness and possibly substance abuse. I hope someday your family, especially your brother, can make peace with what happened, because it wasn't anybody's fault.
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10 Jun 17
I hope he gets out of jail and into some mental health help. I had mentioned to you this happened to my niece. Was awful.
@AnthOcean (407)
10 Jun 17
ohh this is so miserable.