Watch Out, Vehicle Stopped on Shoulder Ahead

@FourWalls (16258)
United States
June 10, 2017 11:31pm CST
Ah, St. Louis. There's nothing like (watch out, vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead) a quick trip out of town for a concert (or a ball game, or just to get out of town) to really (watch out, vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead) make you feel refreshed. I use the Waze app on my iPhone for my navigation. It's a (watch out, vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead) free app where the users report traffic issues. As a result, things are (watch out, vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead) generally up-to-date: if you pass a cop, you can post it immediately. One of the things that the app does is let the driver know when there are hazards ahead. These include everything from an accident to the aforementioned speed trap to roadkill or debris from a shredded tire on the road. It's exceptionally beneficial and worth having, if for no other reason than that. Anyway....when I reached the outskirts of St. Louis in western Illinois I started getting notifications from the Waze app: "watch out, vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead." Then another. Then another. By the time I reached my hotel (in the western suburbs of St. Louis) I had heard "watch out, vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead" so many times that I started ignoring it. What is it about St. Louis? Are they selling some funky gas there or something? Or is the sudden appearance of a slight elevation enough to make a car go berserk after all that flat driving in Missouri or Illinois? Yes, this is humorous, but I must truthfully and seriously say I have never encountered the number of cars sitting on the side of the road, presumably disabled (some of them were obviously disabled, thanks to a wreck), that I saw while in St. Louis for a mere twenty hours. My guess is that there aren't laws (or if there are, they aren't enforced) about a time limit for retrieving a disabled vehicle from the side of the road. Or maybe somebody gets money every time the voice in Waze says, "Watch out, vehicle stopped on shoulder ahead." There weren't any 'traffic jams' but the line in this James Taylor song about "the freeway looking like a parking lot" rings true in St. Louis:
Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Traffic Jam · James Taylor / ????? JT ? 1977 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT Released on: 1983-01-01 Producer: P...
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@TheHorse (74911)
• Walnut Creek, California
17 Jun 17
That was my experience on the way home from work in Berkeley this morning.
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@JohnRoberts (67098)
• Los Angeles, California
11 Jun 17
You could have used a song by Traffic. Sweet Baby James has hair in that photo.
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@teamfreak16 (42474)
• Denver, Colorado
11 Jun 17
Here you get three days, then they'll tow it.
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