Turtle and a ... Deer! RELIEF!

@GrannyGee (1781)
Louisburg, North Carolina
June 11, 2017 9:00am CST
Yesterday we were on the way to town and I saw something ahead on the road. I knew it could be trash or anything but ... something told me it was a turtle. It was a turtle! I told Skip to stop ... let me run back to get it off the road! He stopped and I jumped out ... got to the turtle in time before a car came around the curve. I took it in the direction it was traveling ... put it up on a hill. I ran back to the pickup with the best feeling in my Heart! Later that day ... you won't believe what ... almost ... happened. A deer ran out in front of us ... it was so close to us ... I knew we were going to hit it! We barely missed it. Another intense feeling in my Heart! RELIEF
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@JohnRoberts (65172)
• Los Angeles, California
11 Jun 17
Glad you saved the turtle. You know what would have happened.
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@GrannyGee (1781)
• Louisburg, North Carolina
12 Jun 17
Yes, I know.
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