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June 13, 2017 8:25am CST
I live in the UK and I have been told by alot of people that my choice of pets is strange. I have alot of experience with animals as my mother was always taking in injured wildlife when I was younger. Now I am almost 30 year old and I have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 4 snakes, a fish a bearded dragon and 30 tarantulas. Oh and my son has Dubai cockroaches and stick insects. I have been told by friends htat they will never visit me in my home as they are scared of either the spiders or the snakes. Is this an OK thing for them to do? I look after all my pets properly and they are in no way a danger to either the other animals or people. I would love to know other peoples opinions on my choice of pets as I don't think it is that strange.
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@MALUSE (43422)
• Uzbekistan
13 Jun 17
As you know so much about animals, you must know that your choice of pets is strange. Do you know many other people with such an assortment? You don't mention where you live, but I don't think that this is 'injured wildlife'. As to visiting you: I think I'd come -- at least once so that I can form an opinion.
@hereandthere (32754)
• Philippines
13 Jun 17
on the one hand, it's great that you care for all kinds of creatures (from your mother down to your son). i admit, though, i would hesitate to enter your house. i would freeze if any of them came near me. are they in cages? how do they behave towards strangers?