Packing is being done on war footing basis

@shivamani10 (10769)
Hyderabad, India
June 14, 2017 9:30am CST
As I have decided to vacate and shift the house into a new one I am packing each and every article. The work is very tedious. I am painting and repairing each and every article in the house. My idea is to keep all the articles as new and in a good condition at the time of shifting. The articles which are irreparable and no longer useful are being thrown out. I am not gifting such articles to any others and give a burden to them. I am dismantling the wooden tables, chairs, and other furniture also and want to take them along with me. If the place is sufficient then I will think of joining them. Otherwise, I want to keep them all in a corner and can be joined when my house construction is over. Actually, I wanted to move into a newly constructed house. But, it is taking time. My presence is needed near the construction site. So, I have decided to take some house on rent. Many people are not happy with me. Not because of my shifting the house. But, for the house construction, I am taking up. They are jealousy. They never expected that I would shift the house. Now they are showing some tears of unhappiness. I know all their game. My own father-in-law is not happy about the construction. He is a big cheat. God is great. He will be with me always. My parents' blessings are with me always. I am taking up this activity with a single hand.
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• Jacksonville, Florida
14 Jun
I wish you the best of luck with the construction your doing.
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@shivamani10 (10769)
• Hyderabad, India
14 Jun
Thank you.
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@bluesa (12836)
• Johannesburg, South Africa
14 Jun
All the best with the construction @shivamani10 , ignore those who are jealous and enjoy your successes.
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@Corbin5 (81982)
• United States
14 Jun
So glad you have the house you always wanted. Ignore those who are jealous. Your happiness is the top priority.
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@quantum2020 (8366)
• Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico
20 Jun
Very hard work packing and moving the things at the house. Hope you are done soon with the work
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@SIMPLYD (75375)
• Philippines
16 Jun
You can do it my friend. Good luck in the construction of your house. Don't forget to show us a picture of it once it is completely constructed.
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@prashu228 (22652)
• India
15 Jun
Your own father in law is jealous? Oh my..hope the construction will be done soon
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• Lakewood, Colorado
14 Jun
Good I am glad to know you are coming along nicely and by your own satisfying. Speaking of tables, would you believe in this place, I have had no table for 4 years?
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@Freelanzer (6459)
• Canada
27 Jun
Good luck with your construction. Some people can be jealous when they see you are successful. Just ignore them
@PatZAnthony (11813)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
27 Jun
Hope you are happy with the rental you choose. Moving is never easy!
@YrNemo (8678)
26 Jun
Furniture often get damaged while shifting/moving. Painting later would be better? (but no time to spare by then alas!)
@ptrikha_2 (5787)
• India
23 Jun
Oh its bad to know people are unhappy with you. But it happens. We do have people in our life who are making things tough for us and making things difficult for us. I hope that your house construction completes soon and you are well settled in your new house.