It is 12:07 and Mom is sewing...

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@xstitcher (12978)
Petaluma, California
June 14, 2017 2:20pm CST
...a bit ago, Mom came out all apologetic 'cause she hadn't made lunch (or she said she needed to come out 'cause she needed to make lunch or some such thing). I told her that no, she didn't, and she was enjoying herself and I was quite old enough to get my own lunch and she needed to get back into her sewing room. Things are by no means 100% normal, but I thank the Lord for and will take every shred of normalcy I can get, and Mom being in her sewing room making doll clothes while I am off doing my thing (in this case, posting on myLot across the hall from Mom).
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• Defuniak Springs, Florida
14 Jun 17
Is this the first time since she got sick that she has felt good enough to sew? If so that's great! I am so glad she is feeling better.
@Courtlynn (55147)
• United States
14 Jun 17
Glad you spoke up and told her no that you can fend for yourself.
• United States
14 Jun 17
Aw you are so good to say that to your Mom Stacey. I too am grateful for any normal moments here very few and far between.