STOP, LOOK & LISTEN is the best appoach to understanding our leaders

Dallas, Texas
June 15, 2017 3:05pm CST
When You are told to Stop, Look & Listen, this can be used as a template for not only looking both ways before crossing a railroad track in a long dark tunnel, but it is useful as a way to focus on the leaders of our countries, who try to make it easy for us to understand when they give a public speech. But, the sideline conversations and discussions that take place by media spokespersons during major presidential speeches is enough to take away our focus on just exactly what our leaders are trying to tell us. Next time I get the chance to pay more attention to what President Trump is saying when he gives his next speech to us, I will Stop what I am doing, Look at the TV screen and listen to exactly what he is saying. That is the best thing I can do to be sure to fully understand not only what Mr. Trump is saying but time to show enough respect as an American to acknowledge him as the Commander In Chief of these here United States of America and not give way to the innuendo and sideline remarks by the interpretations of bias and criticism that the media voices try to do to warp everything out of context and make us more confused.
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@mandala100 (52660)
• Hong Kong
15 Jun 17
@lookatdeskstop Stop, Look and Listen is the mantra for one's Reality Check.
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• Dallas, Texas
15 Jun 17
Yes, there is a song that uses these three words. The Stylistics use it in reference to one's own heart. But I like to play with metaphors.
Oh the Days of Driver’s Ed. I remember when I was in high school we took a semester of driver’s education. Wow, right?! When’s the last time you heard of a high school offering that. (I am 49 this year.) We had to watch what seemed like a ton of these vide