ring - ring, click, hello, You qualify for instant credit up to seven thousand dollars.

Dallas, Texas
June 15, 2017 4:33pm CST
The phone rang. Anthony let his machine pick up the call. The message was familiar. Today he qualified for an instant seven thousand dollar loan. Yesterday it was fifteen thousand dollars. Well, I have to say, between the offers of cash loans and all the zombie debt collection people calling him, Anthony decided to pull the phone out of the wall and go to using his cell phone from then on, until the lights went out and forced him to connect up his landline. He had to call Oncor. You can't survive without electricity. Well, the phone remained plugged in and the answering machine became the slave to unwanted callers. After days of personal reflection, Anthony decided to clear his answering machine to make room for one important call. The answering machine had 42 calls on it. All of them were UNAVAILABLE The one call he waited for never happened. He was waiting to hear from one of his two older sisters. The oldest sister's husband was in surgery in Michigan for open heart and the fact that nobody called to tell him, "He's gonna be okay", Anthony continued to wonder if the only people who bothered to call him were idiots who he would never answer to but the one person he really cared about besides his other 2 brothers and sisters, did not call. This puts life into proper perspective. Do you have a brother or sister who for their own reasons, never call? Life, what a trip. It's bad you know.
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• Richfield, Utah
15 Jun 17
This is why anytime I get a robot call I just tell them wrong number. Stops them in thier tracks. Unless it's one of my idiot state senators, then I really rip them a new one... I talk to my family through Facebook
• United States
15 Jun 17
No one calls me Anthony and I have 4 siblings. I don't care though. I wish the people you care about would call then. I hope your brother in law will indeed be okay. It sounds like torture all these calls on the landline..yes use the cell only can you?
@jstory07 (74020)
• Roseburg, Oregon
15 Jun 17
We get those calls all the time. Put them on the block list and than what happens. They change one number and they call again.