Ten Favorite # Songs: Old 45's (#4)

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June 15, 2017 8:21pm CST
Ouch. I had new tires put on the car today. A most important necessity (try going somewhere in a car without tires!), but oh, that bill. Good thing there's that old "six months same as cash" option. To soothe my wallet's pain I'll give you another song on my list of ten favorite songs with a number in the title. @teamfreak16 started this idea, and he's got some great songs. Here's a happy, upbeat song for today's entry. #4: Old 45's - Dallas Wayne I warned you Dallas would be back on this list (he co-wrote "Rock Bottom, Pop. 1," earlier in the countdown). And here he and album producer Robbie Fulks teamed up with a couple of others (namely, Dale Watson and Robbie's wife) to write this ode to the stereotype of heartbreak, slash-your-wrist misery country music. Doubt me? Consider the opening line: "Old 45s can kill you like a bullet to the brain." Fulks had that idea in his song "The Buck Starts Here" ("I walked to our bedside and I pulled out that 45 that lay for years behind our dresser drawers"...not a gun, a copy of Buck Owens' "Crying Time"), and it's expounded upon here. While no names are called in this song, the sad country song in general is saluted. Note that "45s" is plural. The agony, however, is singular: "the needle drops and I can't stop the loneliness and pain." And oh, that last line: "I'm losing my mind in 2:49 like a bullet to the brain." All delivered with Dallas Wayne's mournful voice. Wow, what a song. Old 45's Written by Robbie Fulks, Dallas Wayne, Dale Watson, and Donna Fulks Recorded by Dallas Wayne From Big Thinkin', 2000 In each groove is me and you:
From Dallas Wayne´s Album Big Thinkin'
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16 Jun 17
Robbie and Dale on the same song? This was made to order for you.
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