Do you believe in luck?

June 17, 2017 12:14am CST
Many people are extremely superstitious and believe in luck. Others prefer to believe that everything has a reason and a certain time to happen (destiny). I'm part of the second team. How about you?
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@ilocosboy (38705)
• Philippines
17 Jun 17
Well, its so happen I believe them both. I believe that luck sometimes comes to us and sometimes its the destiny also with us.
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@vin12345 (576)
• Kerala, India
17 Jun 17
I am in your team as well, everything that comes to life has certain reason and time.
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@josie_ (8018)
• Philippines
17 Jun 17
50/50 There are coincidence that one cannot explain. A confluence of events coming together. Some we cause but others we have no control over.
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@TRBRocks420 (84275)
• Banks, Oregon
17 Jun 17
We call it lucky, but we all know when you're lucky, it's really being blessed :)
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@SHOHANA (7167)
• Bangladesh
13 Aug 17
Yes I do believe in luck. your success depends on your 80% hard work n 20% luck
• United States
17 Jun 17
I have to I am Irish is tattooed on me. But I am very realistic on the other hand.
@JohnRoberts (64926)
• Los Angeles, California
17 Jun 17
Sometimes it seems certain people are blessed with good fortune while others struggle mightily.
@Shavkat (66079)
• Philippines
17 Jun 17
I do believe in having luck.
@Sweetyt05 (488)
• Ranchi, India
17 Jun 17
I also believe in luck ...... Sometimes u get something u don't even dream Of ...I thnk it's luck