How go you keep your glasses, spectacles clean and smudge free

@pitstop (4902)
June 19, 2017 2:03am CST
I've been wearing glasses since I was a little child. One of the greatest challenge for me is to keep them clean and smudge free. I'm not very good at it and sometimes just wipe it with my shirt or tissue. Once in a while I use a solution. My lens is quite expensive and so I'd like the to last long. Do you have any tricks and tips?
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@quantum2020 (8366)
• Ciudad De Mexico, Mexico
20 Jun
I wear glasses and I only submerge them in water and then wipe them with a piece of cloth
@marlina (62548)
• Canada
19 Jun
I use a window cleaner and a soft cloth that my optician gave me.
@vsai2008 (7610)
• India
19 Jun
I hold them under running water and clean them with cotton cloth :) Worked okay for me so far
@MALUSE (33008)
• Denmark
19 Jun
Solutions are expensive and you have to think of buying them. You can spray washing up liquid on your glasses, hold them under running water and then dry them with a tissue.