are you a badminton addict?

November 26, 2006 9:29pm CST
im sorta..
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@noypi07 (109)
• United States
6 Feb 07
I'm a filipino and I enjoy playing so much that some time I play like a whole day in a badminton court and seek other to play with me. I always in the baddict's website in the phils. and look for tournament and join in that tournament. Sometime sell my watch in the pawnshop And just to play for the tournament,but in return I win in that game and the cash prize I go to the pawnshop and pay the amount for my watch that is how addicted I was in the playing badminton.When I arrive here in the united state I was excited to play badminton here but to my disgrace only few state has badminton court here and it's by summer people her just start to play badminton.I hope that it summer already so that I will paly again my love sport.
• Philippines
10 Feb 07
like you said, here in the philippines you can find badminton court everywere. hahaha... Registration for summer tournament is has started already.... Smassssshhhh! =)
@mashimaro (1095)
• Philippines
11 Dec 06
santa claus - santa claus
the last time that i played badminton is 8 months ago and i really miss it..i want to play it again but my friends are too busy no time for playing badminton anymore.I'd like to play badminton coz its fun and enjoy while playing with your friends. and it helps me a lot to my health. but im not addict to badminton i just want to play.
@VidBal (27)
• India
9 Jan 07
Badminton does get addictive once it starts. It's akin to gambling, where when U win U want to play more to win more and when U lose too, U want to play more to win atleast once. It not for the sake of winning, improving the game takes top priority with me.
@omy247 (193)
14 Mar 07
yeah, given the chance i would play that over anything else
@vanzimax (17)
• Philippines
10 Feb 07
Im also addicted playing this rally game... at least twice a week I played together with my friends and officemates. =)
@hendika (59)
• Indonesia
26 Jan 07
oh yess.... I played 3x a week in stadium. Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Wed afternoon. oh yess, I feel allmy stress release when I play it. coz I can scream loudly ... V^_^V
• India
25 Jan 07
Ya i am a badminton addict. I am playing badminton right from my childhood. In college many times i used to play with my mates whole night in the gymnasium. And next day we used to bunk our classes. What about you?
@rein2410 (809)
• Australia
23 Jan 07
I really love playing badminton and I wouldnt care if I lost or win. But I do not know if I am actually an addict, Probably not but I am always striving to get better and better moreover if I meet someone that I cannot beat, my target would be always beating him. I played since I was 3rd grade, I felt bored and almost stop, lucky my mother advice me not to stop cause I might feel regret. Now, I finally did not stop but still regretting something that is not training as hard as I can while I have the chance but Im sure there is no way its too late cause if there is anyone who actually beat me, they are older by at least 4 years from me. So I still have time to catch up with them. Back to your question. I think I am half addict . lol. I dont know what your standard of addiction to badminton
• United States
30 Dec 06
I love badmiton in the summer time. Its the one kind of sport that I am kind of good at lol
27 Dec 06
used to play quite a lot. i play when i can but i play a lot more table tennis and squash so i don't get much time to play :)
@abijan (494)
• Malaysia
27 Nov 06
I'm not an addict to badminton. But I kind of like it. I like to see especially Thomas and Uber cup. Denmark, Malaysia, Indonesia and China are the team that I like to watch when it comes to badminton.
@delina123 (2455)
• Canada
27 Nov 06
No I dont play it