which do you prefer when watching anime? subbed or dubbed?

June 20, 2017 10:30am CST
Any anime lovers out there? How do you enjoy your animes? Subbed or dubbed? For me I prefer watching it in sub because makes it seem more real in Japanese. I used to watch them dubbed and decided to try subbed which I ended up loving. Dubbed might be easier to understand but subbed is so much fun? How about you?
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@ijswzr (37)
• Philippines
26 Oct 17
I prefer subbed because it sounds natural than dubbed it feels like you are watching cartoons. But if I want to watch anime while learning english at the same time then I would choose dubbed.
• United States
23 Oct 17
It depends on the anime. There are a few that I will not watch in English because they sound horrible. Take the Canadian English dub of Cardcaptor Sakura for example, the voices sound rather awkward and forced. I can only watch the Japanese version. On another side of anime, Yu Yu Hakusho has the perfect cast(in my opinion) when it comes to English voices. I actually don't hate the Japanese voices, but I believe the English sounds better.
7 Jul 17
For me it is definitely subbed. I mean to me it sounds more authentic this way. Although some anime do sound pretty good in dubbed. Like I just happened to My Hero Academia dubbed, and it sounded amazing. Especially All Might.
@JohnRoberts (70048)
• Los Angeles, California
20 Jun 17
Always subtitles. I want a film in original version to accurately judge an actor's performance. So many subtleties are lost in dubbed translation.