Who Does That?

United States
June 20, 2017 8:22pm CST
L.O.L. I asked my husband if he would let me know how to cook the home made Chicken soup and he said hold on L.O.L. He was watching in You Tube on the Spanish Channel and he said you see all the things we need? I said yes but I had to go the store just for one onion!! Remember our car is about to die and it is hot as I don't know what outside and the only store is sort of far l.o.l. and the gas gauge I can not telll if there is gas or not in the car but I did it! I went to Aldis L.o.L Which is 10 minutes away hoping the car would not die!Got there and I wanted a big bag of onions for a dollar something but they were not so good so the lady told me after I asked her do you have any more onions in the back?She said no and pulled out all the bad ones and told me tell her up front I will give you a discount Bless her heart! But I only got 2 onions out of it but anyway when I got home My husband had been cooking and he used every bowl there was in the cabinet!!!!It must have been over 8 bowls! I called my Mother and asked her Who does this?? L.O.L. R.O.T.F.L!!!Who does this/? He said I cooked so can you clean? I said okay but really dude who the does this??
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21 Jun 17
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