You know what ?? It's not working out...Let's be. .....

@Alosri (80)
Hyderabad, India
June 23, 2017 1:21pm CST
According to me relationship is like a ladder You can go up in the ladder step by step. Each step has its own importance and you will experience new fellings in each step. For example you can become just friends with complete stranger. you can become close friends from just friends and you can fall in love with your best friend or close friend. You can't jump any step inbetween .. I mean you just can't fall in love with complete stranger neither you can become just friend with the one you love.. if you do so it's sucidual and you will loose your life.I mean just imagine you jumping off from the final step in ladder.... Yes..We are in internet world everything is fast so as relationship.. Why can't we think twice before building friendship with complete stranger and why can't we think trice before we say yes to your close friend.. Ofcourse,practically not possible as friendship and love just happens but we do can think before we step up in relationship's really important to know people's priority and importance in our life. If you get a single clue that a person can't be trusted don't build unnecessary friend ship .If you know that a person can't stand by you forever don't take risk and say yes for proposal. It's painful to act like just friend with your loved one. It's really difficult to act like complete stranger with your friend... What you guys say. Isn't it worth to think twice before you take next step in realtioship ladder
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@SAM774 (3807)
24 Jun 17
well written
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