Chance Encounters

@Luke35 (83)
United States
June 26, 2017 10:38am CST
Have you ever had a chance encounter at an amusement park or other LARGE venue location where you run into someone you wouldn't expect to see there? Being a local to the Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio, there are certain other local friends of ours that we run into there occasionally to often, but yesterday afternoon at the park I ran into two former high school classmates of mine (they married after college) and their family. I grew up (and they still live) three hours away, so it's not like bumping into local area residents over there. We were both eating lunch at the same time at a Johnny Rockets restaurant in the park and were both assigned outdoor seating. I probably wouldn't have even recognized them if not for their son wearing a shirt with his last name across the back. They have a unique name that I've never seen since high school, so it initially caught my eye and then I recognized the wife's face. Small world! Speaking of small world - I do recall back in high school hearing the horror story of one classmate who ran face to face into -- shall we say a "less popular" teacher over a holiday break at Disney World. As the teacher told the story, it was an amazing and incredible coincidence, (but as the classmate's facial expression told the story, it was her worst nightmare!) Has anyone else had a chance encounter like this at a large location already with 1000's of people at it?
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@PatZAnthony (13118)
• Charlotte, North Carolina
3 Jul 17
Yes, and more than once. It happened while we were traveling several states away and met someone we had not seen in years. Very odd.
@JolietJake (51104)
• United States
26 Jun 17
Well...Texas is a rather large venue...I am from Illinois and went down there in the mid-80's for a few months...driving the LBJ loop in Dallas one morning I passed a vehicle that said 'Buckels Appliance Olney IL' on the side of it...about as random of a chance as there is
@mandala100 (52476)
• Hong Kong
26 Jun 17
Yes it happen all the time for me epsecially if you live in a local where everyone almost knows everybody.