Neopets 2017 Altador Cup Prize Shop

@freak369 (5027)
United States
June 28, 2017 9:09am CST
Almost every year there's some kind of snafu with the prize shop for the Altador Cup; either it takes them forever to tally things up or there's a code issue. I bombed this year and only made it to the sixth level (of a possible twenty levels) so I probably won't be able to get some of the really rare top tier prizes. Even so, if there is something that I really want I can buy it off someone. I was really hoping that one of the fan sites would post some leaked images or the prize point levels but I didn't see anything and noone posted anything on the message boards. Investing in some of the higher priced item can pay off if you are willing to hold on to them for a year or so but if you are a hoarder you are going to want to wait until the prices bottom out and the market is flooded. There are usually some cheap items like snacks or edibles that go for a point or two and those are nice to stockpile if you can find them selling cheap. Please keep in mind that prize shop points are different than Neopoints; the prize points expire when the next Altador Cup is ready to start. Neopets will give you fair warning about when the prize shop and staff tournament shops are getting ready to close but it's best not to wait until the last minute because they have been known to shutter the shops early. The last time I checked the site it had a small update saying that they were still adding up the points and will announce the winning team soon. Trust me, if you spend any time at all at the site you know how fast things get posted – when the shops open, people will be flocking to them to get new items and see which paint brush is available and if there are any new weapons that you can use in the Battledome. Image: Neopets
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@NJChicaa (49922)
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28 Jun 17
I miss your Neopets posts.
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