Real Christmas Tree VS Fake store bought trees?

United States
November 26, 2006 10:25pm CST
I am trying to decide, I have never had a real tree. My hubby says no. I hear that it makes the house smell like Christmastime. Fake ones are convenient, but what about a real tree. Are they hard to maintain.
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
27 Nov 06
I love real treess, The only thing I did not like is as you brought them into the house. Pine Needles everywhere and the hours spent picking the little buggers out of the carpet... But if you love the smell of pine it is worth it. I miss that. Also have to make sure they are kept watered enough they can suck up alot of water.. There is also other types of trees. I was fascinated by my Grandpa's tiny tree. He would buy potted christmas trees.. That were not cut, and then in the following spring plant them. I thought that was an awesome and wonderful idea. Sometimes he would keep it in the house longer and use the same tree the following year.... That gives both the fresh pine scent and less needle drop offs and mess, As well as adds another tree, instead of taking one. My favorite Tree Hunting experiences I loved them. But to me its only fun if its very very cold and lots of snow, and the trudging for hours to find the perfect one, and Then seeing if the guess of the tree in the field will fit your house. I told my family this last time.. the tree is to biiiiiig... They did not believe me. So sure enough they brought this huge tree home, put it in the potter, and they realised even with a 9 foot cieling we kept to the family tradition of scraping the ceilign with the tree! lol... We had a problem there was 6 feet of tree top looks at us in the eye. Everyone was so grumpy and mad that I was right... and then well that is when My family went cussing crazy.. and well that was the end of the tree hunting, and in came the three tiny fake ones! ... And the Real Tree lived on the deck, for most of the winter and even into the spring, before it finally turned brown, and I dragged it to the woods for bird shelter... Both are good ideas it depends on all the work you want to put into them. But I recommend if you go with live try get the longer needles, as they are easier to clean up and pick out of the carpets, and stuff, make sure you have sheets laid out so it will catch most of them...Make sure you get the right height, you water them enough, and have them shake and bale it it helps better with the mess. - DNatureofDTrain