Andy Serkis role as Caesar to get him an Oscar nomination?

Lake Charles, Louisiana
July 1, 2017 6:05pm CST
Okay for those studio executives who are crying the blues that the majority of motion pictures that were either remakes or sequels that did not draw a huge audience in the box office this summer now comes the news that actor Andy Serkis who plays the ape that speaks Caesar due to this performance in the "War Of The Planet Of The Apes" could be line to get an Oscar nomination. I am starting to wonder if the writers at Cinema Blend having been drinking too much Panama Beer again. Come on Andy is great in the role of Caesar the ape but come on if he gets an Oscar nomination for his role in "War Of The Planet Of The Apes" which opens in theaters on July 21, 2017 which is expected to be a huge hit gets an nod for an Oscar, then maybe I will drink a Panama beer and yell "Hail Little Caesar's Pizza."
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@JohnRoberts (41988)
• Los Angeles, California
2 Jul
We went through this should Andy Serkis get a nomination in the past.
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• Lake Charles, Louisiana
2 Jul
The funny thing is that the Oscars are given to movies that promote liberal causes and I doubt that War Of The Planet Of The Apes is one of them.
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