is media playing a important role??

@Prshnth (945)
Bangalore, India
July 11, 2017 6:22am CST
i guess the same situation in many countries. media try to occupy our minds with there views. 1-2 years back i used to believe everything that comes in media. but now i feel they are broadcasting there propaganda. media is the main reason behind rise and fall of a government..i am not saying whatever the media broadcasting all are false..but most part they seem to be biased...what do you think??
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@Sreekala (23402)
• India
11 Jul 17
Media may highlight the negative part to get popularity. Some news may be true but they try their best to get attention by adding their own part in the news.
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@Prshnth (945)
• Bangalore, India
11 Jul 17
yeah but the sad part is no one is taking care of this..because next day they might become victim of these media houses
@MALUSE (41314)
• Germany
11 Jul 17
It depends on where you inform yourself. If you read quality newspapers, you can trust the news.