What Does Proof Entail

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@Teep11 (7195)
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July 12, 2017 5:28pm CST
Not every person will want to see proof revealed. There are some who will still be in denial when proof is supplied. Proof is needed in court and when trying to prove what is or isn't. Proof can silence a crowd or make a crowd become irate. There's certainly lots of proof somewhere. In order to win where legalities are involved. One must "provide" proof and it is the legal professionals who will tell the story. Without the proof cases and lawsuits can be denied. Many cases have been thrown out to insufficient proof. No matter what some may say. There is no denying proof. No matter how some may not want certain "information" revealed. The evidence is something a judge won't deny. There are so many who would rather conceal any proof which can help another. There are some who alter information in order to conceal the truth. What some don't realize is that although there may not be an immediate discovery. Most of the time "the proof" is supplied elsewhere. Attorney's are aware when there is more proof needed. Some may spend long hours and even years on cases because they're continuously trying to find enough evidence. Of course they'll want to win so some are very particular about what's provided. "Denials Will Surely Occur but There Will Always be the Upstanding Ones." by: Tanikka Paulk
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12 Jul 17
Sometimes even with boat loads of proof, the truth is never told.
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10 Feb
You are absolutely right @TiarasOceanView.