The Injustices Continue Still Standing Firm

@Teep11 (7137)
United States
July 13, 2017 4:43pm CST
Some believe they have ever right to violate some people's rights. Thinking that some don't deserve to be treated fairly. They're wrong. Every person has rights and although there are some who will probably continue to abuse their power and cause all sorts of havoc. The ones brave enough t"o take a stand and to speak out" probably won't stop doing so. It may appear as if there's only one voice but there has to be others. Not being treated fair then speak about the unfairness. Remaining silent won't make the issues go away. In fact not saying anything will only create more "injustices." Yes., it appears as if society is behaving disorderly. Their behavior is really a reflection on them. Yes, that's right, the way some are behaving is as if their mothers and grandmothers taught the individuals to be so disgusting. Causing teens to do some of the most horrific things and then act as if they're completely innocent. Imagine the top leaders behaving like idiots and being bigots. What leader comes to mind when it comes to bigotry? Hmmm. There are appear to be ignorant. Well, that's how they're appearing anyway, displaying racism. If one group decides to just assist their group then they'll start whining. Suppose it's alright to treat a person or group of people unfairly but as soon as the individuals stand up they're going crazy. Injustice isn't doesn't discriminate. "Unfair treatment continues and I'm tolerating such treatment." by: Tanikka Paulk A Writer, Blogger, Advocate and Founder is being treated unfairly. She-Her Name is Tanikka Paulk
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@shikharava (1851)
13 Jul 17
I know you from LB! I subscribe to your blogs and read them regularly. Pleased to meet you here.:)
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@sugartoes (42466)
• Greencastle, Indiana
13 Jul 17
stand up for your rights & put injustice in it's place & STAND TALL the more people that think they can get away with such NONSENSE will find out the HARD way! if MORE people would speak their peace & put them in their PLACE.