Ever Came in Contact With a Group of Irritating People who Seem to Grow on ya?!

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@Teep11 (7137)
United States
July 15, 2017 8:22pm CST
Don't be fooled there's some very annoying people in the world. Some are extremely annoying and others are only annoying when there's no attention. Oh my goodness, there's some people who will always give some a very difficult time, but for "some reason" they're hard to just toss out. That's right. Said toss out. Meaning difficult to forget. Almost like the old love/hate kind of bonds. Really not hate but just severe annoyance. Some are quite funny, taking jabs at a person but not really wanting the person to go elsewhere, so they'll stall. Try to prevent the moves and continuously annoy the person. Oh yes the person I'm speaking about is Tanikka Paulk. Yes, I'm a victim of all sorts of injustices but I'm also a fighter. So although I've been harassed, bullied, annoyed and so on. "I'm continuing to progress" and hopefully the annoying ones will settle down and find some enjoyment. There are also the good times. The times of laughter and wonder. There's a lot of annoying ones who are writers and have been on just about every site I've worked on. The ones who continue to tag along aren't really haters and although it may appear as if some are. There are some who are actually cheerleaders. Some hoping that I'm quite happy when it's time to relocate. Smiling just thinking that there can soon be better living and joy, joy, joy! "Never Stop Living a Dream Because of the Adversity. "Soon" the Troubles Will Fade and There Shall be Abundance. By: Tanikka Paulk
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@Shavkat (65270)
• Philippines
16 Jul 17
I usually go away from self-centered people.