...and I think that they left something behind...

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@xstitcher (10520)
Petaluma, California
July 23, 2017 12:16am CST
I haven't been feeling really well this evening, achy and kind of lethargic. I wonder if the boys (or maybe even my brother) left me a little "gift" before they left. They all seemed fine, but if you've ever seen those commercials where they say: "Germs can remain on surfaces for days..." So, I guess I'll be moving slowly for the next couple of days: drinking a lot of tea and taking meds in the evenings (not earlier so I don't spend the day like a zombie...)
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@Courtlynn (58270)
• United States
23 Jul
Hope you feel better soon.
• United States
23 Jul
Oh dear sorry to hear it Stacey. Feel better soon oh dear what a thing to happen.
@Srbageldog (7057)
• United States
23 Jul
Oh no. I hope you feel better soon. :(
@Neiltarquin (1097)
• Rass, Saudi Arabia
23 Jul
Get well soon my friend
• New Delhi, India
23 Jul
Get well soon dear
@prashu228 (24845)
• India
23 Jul
So sorry.. hope you feel better by morning...
@louievill (17111)
• Philippines
23 Jul
Hope you would feel better. I always keep a can of lysol disinfectant spray in the house, I also have a small sprayer that contains bleach and water, I disinfect our house or at least parts of it from time to time, I also take vitamin C sparingly.
@shikharava (1867)
23 Jul
Hope you recover soon, Stacey. And take care and rest well. (*_*)
@mandala100 (28160)
• Hong Kong
23 Jul
@xstitcher I hope that you'll be feeling better soon my friend.