Ever Just Laugh Out Of The Blue?

United States
July 26, 2017 9:44pm CST
L.O.L. Well I have been doing that lately! Just thinking of stupid things in the past and just start laughing until I am almost crying! For Example I used to work with this girl years ago and we have not seen each other in years but we keep in touch on Face book and today was her birthday so I wished her Happy Birthday and she replied Thank You I miss your crazy a,,, L.O.L She said I miss you crazy cat lady and asked me if I was still crazy about cats I relies Yes Meow L.O..L So I reminded her of where we used to work which we had a blast and made good money but they shut down years ago but I had the fake big grey cat that meowed and remember we were in a call center but I used to put it on the floor when no one was looking and her boyfriend Derek said hmm? Must be Hoolie Cats cat l.o.l that is what they called me my name is Julie but they all called me Hoolie Cat I told her tell him to stop being mean to my cat! I am still laughing as I write this! God I wish that place had never shut down! Such a blast there!
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@LadyDuck (182249)
• Switzerland
27 Jul 17
It's great to have good memories, laughing is the best medicine.
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@dgobucks226 (14272)
27 Jul 17
Yes, I have laughed aloud. Usually after seeing something on TV or u tube and thinking about it later on.
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@Shavkat (66211)
• Philippines
27 Jul 17
I do laugh when I remember funny things happened in the past.
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@Tracy04 (10815)
• Malaysia
28 Jul 17
If I remember something funny I can suddenly laugh too.
@shivamani10 (11187)
• Hyderabad, India
27 Jul 17
nice. A good and sweet memory. The interesting part is that you both are in touch with each other just because of the cat.
@dollaboy (6153)
27 Jul 17
Feels so good to Laugh out loud