Anybody using Video Email yet talking with Family, Friends or Business Contacts?

United States
November 27, 2006 12:52am CST
Where do I start? About 6 months ago I stumbled upon a cool website demonstrating how you could use video email, video IM and LIVE webcasting quickly and easily from their web based servers. Nothing to ever download or plug-in. (I did a LIVE Webcast from my livingroom to family & friends scattered across the country Thanksiving Day afternoon) The cost of their lowest retail package (to become a customer)was starting under ten bucks a month! To upgrade to an AFFILIATE package and make money by showing the video streaming opportunity to others... the cost is a bit higher depending what package you select, but let me tell you that becoming an affiliate was well worth it! Anyhow when I saw for myself JUST the quality and clarity of the video and audio from the Video Email... I GOT IT! The ole proverbial lightbulb came on as I instantly concluded, "What a way to brand yourself and/or your business for products or services you offer." As I started to video email family, friends and business contacts, about 90% of the time I got the same reaction which was, "Wow... how did you do that?" And all I did is when I recieved a text email, I simply replied back with a Video Email. What can I say... they were hooked like I was, and they enrolled like I did as well! I'm just curious if YOU know that this technology is out there, how easy it is to set-up and get started and how affordable it for common people like me and you? Yes the Jetson Age has arrived folks!
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